On April 26th, the students of the seventh and eighth grades of Popovac Elementary School visited Beli Manastir, accompanied by teachers Sanja Vuksanović-Čančar and Silvija Švelinger, where they were on a tour of the City Landfill and recycling yard. They were greeted at the location by director Damir Paulić and head of construction, technology and project affairs Senka Sović. The students had the opportunity to listen to a useful lecture on waste management. The students were introduced to various ways of sorting waste, but also to the types of waste themselves (agricultural and forestry-wood, dangerous, packaging...). Particular emphasis was placed on recycling, reusing and reducing waste. The allocation is the division of waste into groups of similar materials such as glass, paper, plastics, metals and biodegradable waste. Also, it is sorting within the same waste group. The students also walked through the sorting station for useful waste where we saw machines in the use which create useful waste from the so-called waste, which becomes a new raw material for production (glass, paper, etc). It was especially interesting for the students to listen and watch about  those materials that can be reused, which is especially important to us as part of the Erasmus+ project Travel to the future with my waste.

            After listening to the lecture and tour, the students headed to the hotel "Patria" where they sweetened up and received gift packages from Baranja's cleanliness. The employees of the City Landfill and recycling yard were introduced to the Travel to the future with my waste project by our students. They also presented them with brochures in which they could learn more about our contribution to proper waste management and its reuse.

Teachers: Silvija Švelinger and Anita Raguž