Within our project we continue with the MIND BLOWING QUESTIONS where we monitor the monthly consumption of one resource we use in school in order to raise awareness of the amount of used resources and savings. In March we monitored gas consumption.

The entire fifth grade Popovac proposed a monthly gas consumption of March. The gas meter of our school at the beginning of the month showed the amount of 10,980.4 m3 and at the end of the month 13,197.67 m3, which means that in March 2,217.27 m3 of gas was converted to obtain heat energy! Our student Deborah Hranić won in this task, proposing the amount of 4,120 m3.

As part of this task, there is an activity called TRY THIS AT HOME, in which our student’s family monitored the consumption of this energy source for a whole month.

Namely, at the beginning of the month, teacher Martina Vidak presentedJakov Ban’s family with a table for monitoring gas usage throughout the month, as well as calculation instructions and some tips for saving this resource. It was also necessary to show the gas bill in February and March and see how much they managed to save by following these few savings tips. By processing this data, we obtained interesting graphs where we see how gas use increases during the weekend, how gas consumption is drastically reduced during higher outdoor temperatures, as well as gas savings of 7 m3. We thank Jakov Ban’s family and congratulate them on their savings, and we hope that these useful tips will follow in the coming months!

In the month of April, we will analyze electricity consumption!

Good luck everyone!

teacher: Martina Vidak, Popovac Primary School, Croatia