For the needs of the brochure entitled "The journey of our waste", and within the Erasmus + project "Travel to the future with my waste", our students were given an interesting task.

Namely, we all know how every product we use becomes waste one day. In the last few years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of sorting such waste.

This is exactly the importance that our students pointed out, and we asked them to illustrate, within the recycling sign we all know, a way to recycle a product they normally use, such as paper they write on, plastic bottles or cans from which they drink. For start, they showed how this used product can be reused in a creative way before disposal. After the used product can no longer be used for anything, we dispose  it in well-known different colored bins for a particular type of waste; blue for paper, yellow for plastic, gray for metal, green for glass ... But the journey of our waste does not stop there, the students further showed how waste is taken to recycling yards and where its volume is reduced and then recycled for new products to be made of such material.

Many students accepted the challenge and submitted their papers, but only three papers were selected and included in our brochure. Thus, the work of student Lucija Bajus, 8th grade Popovac, was chosen as the best recycling sign for paper waste, Dora Knez, also 8th grade Popovac, was chosen as the author of the best recycling mark for paper waste, and the work of student Iva Osonjački, 7th grade Popovac, was chosen for the metal waste route.

The brochure is enriched with  mascots of paper, plastic bottles and metal cans that are happily set out on the journey of their recycling! Our student Senada Oršoš,7th grade Popovac, was awarded for this work!

I thank all the students for their efforts and work, and I congratulate the awarded students for their creativity!

I would also like to thank the Grubić family for helping us realize our ideas!

✍️: teacher Martina Vidak, Popovac Primary School, Croatia